Our Highlight Reel

  1. In A Dream & Ashley Lamers
    In A Dream & Ashley Lamers on their way to finishing 2nd in the Small Pony Over Fences at Pony Finals 2017.
  2. Samba Sensation & Lindsey Ayres
    Samba & Lindsey on their way to topping the class out of 32 at the Kentucky Horse Show.
  3. Encore & Lexi Asbury
    Prince & Lexi laying down a solid Derby trip in the Walnut ring at the Kentucky Horse Show in 2019.
  1. Macgyver & Ella Mchardy
    Mac & Ella had a wonderful trip in the Walnut finishing 27th out of 121 Small Ponies in 2016.
  2. Ghiradelli & Ella Short
    Tank & Ella on their way to 6th place in the Large Pony Handy out of 34 at the Kentucky Horse Show in 2018.
  3. Our Moment & Parker Peacock
    Harry and Parker topping class out of 38 Small Ponies at the Kentucky Summer Classic in 2019.